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Sir Hamlet is a mobile coffee trailer that services the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is a family owned and operated business ready to serve all your coffee needs. Contact us for a quote.

The Legend of Sir Hamlet*

No one knows exactly when and how coffee was discovered. Some say that it was discovered by a goat farmer from Ethiopia after noticing the effect of the bean on his herd.

Sir Hamlet has its own story becoming a legend in its own right. Prior to being knighted in the 1600s, coffee had become the focal point of this small hamlet. Apart from the Coffees delight, the trade became central to daily life in the hamlet supporting those in the town less fortunate. The knighthood was bestowed upon the village by King Nicholas the VII for the fair trade of produce and ensuring everyone having enough; the village cafe thus became Sir Hamlet. 

The exact journey is not clear however Sir Hamlet remains a positive influence in the community striving to empower the less fortunate providing great ethical coffee at the same time.

*The Legend of Sir Hamlet's knighthood is Fable for dramatic purposes

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